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Our Services

We offer a wide range of services, please have a read and reach out to us, we'd love to hear from you!!

Creators of Tomorrow

Our vast experience in the start-up, teaching and game design industry enables us to hold practical workshops or consult on pre-existing extracurricular programs. We are passionate about inspiring the next generation of creatives. We believe in integrating practical application with theory to best foster growth & creativity. We are passionate about imparting our knowledge into others, helping them grow their skills, their confidence and their horizons! Our services include:

  • Student Workshops

  • Staff Training (PD)

  • Extracurricular Consulting

Creators of Tomorrow


If you want to build your own game or have already started? We provide game design consultation & development! We are also a rapid & high fidelity prototype building service, great for quickly testing new concepts!

Our team has extensive skills in 3D modelling, level design, UI/UX, gamification, publishing, mobile games, programming and more. We are well connected to a network of freelancers that allows us to be adaptable and take on all manner of design projects, be it big or small. 


Interactive Arts

Want to take your project to the next level? We provide production, design, consultation & programming services for artists, groups and companies who want to take their creative work into an interactive medium such as mobile apps, web apps, art games or Augmented Reality (AR). Having had experience with funding applications, we can also consult you on your grant application process and partner with you to help design, build and realize your visions!

Interactive Art

Community Programs

With a decade of experience in youth work and community development, our team can provide consultation & design for specialist creative programs be it for community groups, libraries, disability support, community centres and more! We also offer a range of workshops we can tailor to your needs! We are dedicated to making a difference and helping others engage with their work and each other. Programs include:

  • Online Tool Integration & Teaching

  • Game Design & Interactivity Workshops

  • Digital literacy development

  • Online programs for friends and families

Commuity Programs
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