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Trash is an co-op adventure crafting game where you restore balance to a trashy world.

 Jump, Glide, Shield or Smash your way around a wild world, complete procedurally generated hazard dungeons, interact with rubbish creatures and customise your character with crafted forms & abilities.

A Heap Of Rubbish Features

Explore & Collect Resources

Play Solo or 1-4 Co-Op Multiplayer

Explore a world years after humans have died out. Playing as a Morphite, new resin based lifeforms, venture out from the safety of your Cradle into a wild hazardous levels to collect rubbish resources.


Craft Forms & Unlock Abilities

10 Forms All With Unique Abilities

Craft & attach Forms to gain abilities that help you; explore, survive hazards, avoid creatures, help other players & collect resources. Players can attach up to 4 forms at once.


Complete Hazard Dungeons

No One Playthrough Is The Same

Each level contains a different procedurally generated Hazard Dungeon, ensuring high replayability. Their level locations are fixed, while the puzzles, layout and hazards within are generated.


Spread Resin Life

Procedually Generated Challenge Zones

The world consists of a series of 7 levels, each with hazards preventing resin life from flourishing. Help spread the influence of The Nexus (resin hive-mind) by solving Hazard Dungeons to remove these hazards while uncovering the story behind humanity’s ruin and the origins of resin life.

Our Trashy Support

Trash is currently seeking our next stage of funding and has been supported and funded thus far by the wonderful: 

You are now a garbage person. We'll be in touch.

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