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Trash is a co-op open world survival craft game where you customize your character with crafted forms and abilities. Jump, Glide, Shield or Smash your way around a wild open world, completing puzzling challenge zones and surviving weird and wonderful creatures.

A Heap Of Rubbish Features

Work Together

Both A Solo & Co-Op Multiplayer Experience

To create a unique gameplay experience for our players, Trash is developed with peer-to-peer cooperative multiplayer of up to 4 players. It can be played solo or with a small group of friends & scales accordingly. Trash has a shared inventory system that encourages players to work together and difficulty scales to the amount of players, allowing for both enjoyable solo and multiplayer gameplay experiences.


Heavy Duty Visual Charm

Rubbish Life & Unique Open World Biomes

Trash features a charming low poly art style designed to immerse its players is trashy beauty. It has an emotive, charming & humorous tone with meaningful environmental messagingThe game is set in post human an open world, consisting of different unique biomes inhabiting human ruins; Jungle, Desert, Cave, VolcanicThe world is filled with both dangerous and friendly trashy creatures that roam the landscape making it home!


Become The Right Tool

Craft Forms & Survive A New World

In Trash, players explore an open world, collecting materials and crafting different character attachments. These attachments give players different abilities to help then naviagate and survive their environment and other trash based life. These abilities include; double jumping, gliding, detering creatures, breaking walls, ressisting hazards, turing into a ball and more!


Recycle & Replay

Procedually Generated Challenge Zones

Trash has procedurally generated puzzle zones placed throughout the hand crafted biomes, ensuring no one playthrough is ever the same. Challenge Zones are independent scenes that procedurally construct an array of challenge elements. These scale based on difficulty and the amount of players. They contain unique pathways and puzzle types such as Jump Puzzles, Treasure Hunts, Turbine Rooms, Mazes, Creature Nests, and more!

The Garbage Timeline

Milestones & Funding

Our Trashy Support

Trash is currently seeking our next stage of funding and has been supported and funded thus far by the wonderful: 

You are now a garbage person. We'll be in touch.

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