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Developed In Melbourne, Australia

Bin Chicken Studios

Release Date


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PC - Current

Console - Intended



Trash is a open world co-op adventure crafting game where you restore balance to a trashy world. Jump, Glide, Shield or Smash your way around a wild open world, complete procedurally generated challenge zones, interact with rubbish creatures and customise your character with crafted forms & abilities.

Set in the once global island base for the biggest energy corporation on the planet, the island has now fallen into dangerous disrepair after human life has been wiped away. In its stead a new lifeforce has emerged: Resin. Playing as a resin-based Morphite, you hold the power to restore the balance of the island and discover the mysterious origins of Resin life. Players must explore the island’s different open world biomes, collecting materials and crafting different character forms which  give them unique abilities to survive the environment and solve procedurally generated Challenge Zones found throughout the world, ensuring no one playthrough is ever the same. You can play trash on Windows PC, solo or cooperatively online with your friends!


The Story Behind Trash

Trash began as a game designed to give hope when it came to climate change, nature, and survival of the planet. After profound experiences of talking about climate change with important young people in their lives, Trash’s game designers were struck by the sense of hopelessness: for Creative Director Charlie Kenihan, that sense came from speaking with his young cousins about the state of the earth at a family picnic. As a former teacher, Technical Director Nick Margerison found the same thing when he spoke to his students.


‘It’s always heartbreaking to hear people be pessimistic about the future,’ Kenihan said, ‘but when you hear that pessimism come from an eight-year-old it’s something else entirely.’ 

After a discussion with Nick the first seeds for Trash were planted. Then in early 2020, bushfires hit Australia, and Nick and Charlie saw their country engulfed in smoke. ‘We always knew we wanted to make something to address climate change, but the fires strengthened our resolve,’ Margerison said. ‘Climate change is an urgent problem, and if humans don’t address it the earth will find a way to continue on without us. That’s when the ideas of resin and post-human life started brewing.’


In late 2020, they started pre-production on Trash and assembled a team of creatives from around Victoria. In early February, they received an Assigned Production Investment Grant from Film Victoria. ‘The responses to Trash so far have been really positive,’ Kenihan said. ‘Trash’s themes clearly resonate with players of all ages. I’ve always been a fan of exploration and creativity to help solve problems, and seeing Trash bring people together to enjoy a game and reflect on climate change playfully has been incredibly empowering.’ 


Bin Chicken strives to create culturally relevant and impactful content. With Trash, the team is keen to creatively explore the important issues of climate change and sustainability, through an engaging and accessible gaming experience for all. Trash has received funding and support from both Screen Australia & Vic Screen!

Game Loop

  • Explore & Collect Resources: Explore an open world years after humans have died out. Playing as a Morphite, new resin based lifeforms, venture out from the safety of your Cradle into a wild hazardous world to collect rubbish resources.

  • Craft Forms & Unlock Abilities: Craft & attach Forms to gain abilities that help you; explore, survive hazards, interact with creatures, help other players & collect resources.

  • Solve Challenge Zones: Each biome contains 6 different procedurally generated challenge zones, ensuring high replayability. Their open world locations are fixed, while the puzzles, layout and hazards within are generated.

  • Spread Resin Life: Biomes are divided into 6 segments, each with hazards preventing resin life. Help spread The Nexus (resin hive-mind) by solving Challenge Zones to remove hazards, unlock creature interaction puzzles & resource cultivation.

  • Access Biomes & Adventures: Trash has 4 Biomes that bring new sets of creatures, forms, challenge elements & aesthetics. Progress through biomes to discover the story behind humanity’s ruin and the origins of resin life.


Trash - YouTube

Awards & Recognition

  • 2023 - Funded - Screen Australia

  • 2022 Victorian Premier’s Design Awards Finalist

  • 2022 - Exhibited - PAX

  • 2022 - Exhibited - Melbourne International Games Week

  • 2022 - Funded - VicScreen funding

  • 2021 - Exhibited - Melbourne International Games Week

  • 2021 - Exhibited - Games For Change

  • 2021 - Exhibited - Australian booth at G-Star

  • 2021 - Exhibited - Tiny Teams Steam Festival

  • 2021 - Funded - VicScreen funding

  • Plus MANY more to come!

About Bin Chicken Studios


Bin Chicken is a Melbourne based indie games studio, created in 2019 by designer Charles Kenihan & developer Nick Margerison. Passionate about creating unique high quality content, Bin Chicken specializes in creative, message based games and strives to create culturally relevant and impactful content. Their first game I Want To Go To Mars was released in early 2020, and the team is currently working on their first PC title, Trash. Bin Chicken features a team with a broad skillset and promotes the use of young and upcoming local talent in the creation of their games.  In November 2021 the studio released the Alpha build of their upcoming game Trash via Steam. To know more about the full release of Trash, keep an eye on their Steam page or Twitter account.





Trashy Credits

Charlie Kenihan

Nick Margerison

Technical Direction & Programming

Hayley Kumpis

Seb Anderson

3D Art & Animation

Lise Leitner

Yee Hui Wong

Matt Scaife

Character Design & Animation

Corey Taylor

Jake Archer

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